Health Services

At Merritt School, we recognize that for a child to properly learn, they must be in good health. The goal of our health services is to make sure that our students are healthy, to provide a safe environment for all students, and to teach sound health practices. In short, we want our children to be happy and healthy!

Below you will find important information regarding different aspects related to Merritt's Health Services and requirements for all students. For additional information or questions regarding Health Services, please contact Mrs. Sandy Riley, RN, Merritt School's Nurse, at

Entrance Requirements

All new students must submit a current immunization record to the nurse's office. If you are coming from another country or state, a complete physical (Cresskill Physical Form) must also be submitted that was completed within one year of the student's entrance date.

Absences and Illnesses

Please click here for information on how to report an absence to the school. When reporting absences, please be sure to note what illness a child has if they are absent due to illness.

If a child is symptomatic with any illness, they must stay home until they are symptom free for 24 hours. In the event of an illness in which the child has a fever, the child should be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication before returning to school. Please note that as per current state guidelines, students who test positive for Covid-19 must stay home for 5 days from their test date before returning to school. If a student has been absent for 3 consecutive days a doctor's note is required for that student to return to school.


Should it become necessary for your child to take medication in school, the nurse must be notified by submitting a Physician and Parent Request for the Administration of Medicine form. This form must be used for both prescription and over the counter medication. The medication must also be provided to the nurse in its original container with your child's name on it.

For certain situations and certain medications, you may also need to submit an Authorization for Epinephrine form, a Self Administered Medication form, or a Self Administration of Medication in School and on Field Trips form.

Medical Plans

Documented plans may be required to be submitted for certain medical situations for individual students, including an Asthma Action Plan, Emergency Health Care Plan, and Seizure Action Plan.

Care for Ill or Injured Students

The nurse renders first aid and emergency care only to those students who have an accident or become ill in school. The nurse will contact parents in case of serious illness or injury. The parent will arrange for transportation if needed. Should the parent not be home, the designated person on the emergency form will be called. If medical attention is necessary and the parent cannot be contacted, the school will call the child's family physician.

Accidents in School

All accidents in school must be reported immediately to the nurse’s office and/or the principal’s office. Accidents as a result of participating in sports, whether during practice or a regular game, must be reported to the school nurse at the next school session. Any delay in this matter may eliminate the insurance coverage and place the student at risk.

Crutches and Casts

Should your child at any time require either crutches or be in a cast, a doctor's note must be submitted to the school nurse stating that the child is excused from physical education classes and recess, the diagnosis, the length of time the child will use crutches or be in a cast, and the anticipated time of return to normal activity.

Annual Health Screenings

The following health screenings are provided to elementary school students each year.

  • Vision and audio metric screening - These screenings are typically administered by the school nurse in the fall. When a child fails either screening, they are then prescreened within a three week period. Parents are notified when a child fails the prescreening process.

  • Scoliosis screening - These screenings are provided to students in fifth grade and typically administered by the school nurse in the winter. A letter informing fifth grade parents of the screening is sent home prior to the screening outlining the process and providing additional information.

  • Height and weight screening - These screenings are typically administered by the school nurse in the winter.

  • Comprehensive Physical Examination - This screening is required for children entering kindergarten or transferring to Cresskill. Traditionally, parents opt to have the physical exam administered by their family physician.