Intervention Groups

At different times throughout the year, district assessments are used to determine all students at Merritt Memorial School's current areas of strength and areas for growth in reading and math. Once this information is collected, teachers are able to use it to plan future instruction and grade level teams analyze this data to determine if there are any groups of students who would benefit from additional small group instruction in these subjects.

For students who qualify for this additional support each trimester, a letter is sent to parents notifying them that their child qualifies. These letters state the subject for which the student qualifies for support and outline the specific schedule for the small group support for that student. Once a parent consents to their child participating in the group, the student is then able to receive this support.

Please note that whether or not a student will qualify for intervention groups may vary from trimester to trimester depending on the child's most recent performance on the district reading and math assessments. Please also note that intervention groups are not a special education program, although they are taught by our special education staff as their schedule allows for the time to provide this additional small group instruction.

For additional information or questions regarding intervention groups, please contact Ms. Peguero at