Spirit Week is in full swing. The kids had a great time with "anything but a backpack". Mr. Timochko had a blast hallway surfing, and our new media center is hosting teacher workshops for the entire district. I love seeing the energy at the school as we build back better!
5 days ago, Peter Hughes
leaf blower
In Cresskill Schools, it is our goal to remain responsive to the unique needs of all of our students. This week begins the holy month of Ramadan, and Cresskill community is helping to observe this month by holding a crescent lantern event at the library this evening. The invite is attached and all are welcome. Additionally, it is important to be responsive to the needs of our students that observe this month. Ramadan sometimes includes fasting of not only food but also water. We encourage parents and students that are observing the month to reach out and partner with us in ensuring a fruitful observance. Sometimes minor adjustments can have a major positive impact for our students. We look forward to helping.
7 days ago, Peter Hughes
Ramadan Event
We had an exciting week as the furniture for our 6-12 media center was delivered. It will open this week to students! Cresskill Middle/High School is now restored! @CresskillMSHS @CresskillBOE
9 days ago, Peter Hughes
James Preller had a warm welcome as Merritt Memorial School's guest author. It was amazing to see the joy at having the author visits return to the building! Thank you to the HSA for sponsoring the event!
26 days ago, Peter Hughes
Through the rain, sleet, cold, and winter, our crossing guards, custodians, and police are ever-present. We are so appreciative of their work keeping our Cresskill students safe, especially on days like today!
28 days ago, Peter Hughes
crossing guard and police
Please be advised that Cresskill School District will be following a delayed opening schedule on Tuesday, February 28th. Please check your school's website for the delayed opening schedule.
29 days ago, Peter Hughes
We have a number of positions posted for passionate educators and people who want to support our schools. Please share with anyone that might be interested in working for our great schools! All are welcome to apply! CresskillJobs@cresskillnj.net
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Every day, CMS/CHS is seeing progress as we "Build Back Better"! We just received one of our largest furniture orders to date, and our auditorium is on schedule to reopen with new audio equipment being installed.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
The progress on the auditorium at CMS/CHS has been outstanding! In only one day, the seats should be installed. Our music and theater programs are rejoicing!
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
no seats
We anticipate our media center and auditorium opening for student use within a month. While some items are impacted by the supply chain, we are getting key deliveries of furniture now. @JohnMassaro1 @CresskillMSHS
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
media center
delivery truck
We have a number of great positions if you or someone you know is looking to work for a high performing school district. https://www.cresskillboe.k12.nj.us/page/employment-opportunities
about 2 months ago, Peter Hughes
It is great seeing our gyms full and the school full of life! Go Cougars! Congratulations to all of our young athletes in the wrestling program! 💛🖤
about 2 months ago, Peter Hughes
Here is a great video about the Lunar New Year and how it is celebrated by many cultures around the world, including families in Cresskill. https://youtu.be/FFCljlSbWzw
2 months ago, Peter Hughes
Last night, two of the founding members of the Cresskill Education Foundation (CEF) were honored. Carmela and Joseph Ferrito served with unwavering support for our schools, and their contributions live on in their legacy.
2 months ago, Peter Hughes
**Change of BOE Meeting location**The Regular Meeting of the Cresskill Board of Education on Monday, September 19, 2022 will be held in the Edward H. Bryan School Gymnasium, 51 Brookside Ave., Cresskill, NJ 07626. The meeting will be open to the public at 6:30pm, with a call to order at 7:00 p.m.
6 months ago, Kathleen Occhino
Last evening the Cresskill Board of Education presented Superintendent Burke with a resolution honoring his recent award receipt of "2022 Bergen County Superintendent of the Year". https://www.cboek12.org/article/764383
10 months ago, Kevin Whitney
Mr. Burke Discussing Recent District Challenges
President Villani Presenting to Mr. Burke
Mr. Burke Thanking Everyone
CBOE Recognizes Superintendent Burke
It is with a big proud smile that we announce the recent award of "Bergen County Superintendent of the Year" by the Bergen County Association of School Administrators to our own Mr. Michael Burke. Congratulations Superintendent Burke, well done and well deserved after a year like NO other !
10 months ago, Kevin Whitney
Congratulations Superintendent Burke !
Voters say YES to #RestoreCresskillSchools! Unofficial results indicate the district has enough votes to declare victory. More information at: https://restorecresskillschools.com
about 1 year ago, Kevin Whitney
Voters Say YES !
In the continued interest of public health during the Covid Crisis, the Board of Education Meeting scheduled for Monday, January 3, 2022, will be held virtually via Zoom and/or telephone dial in. Please see our website for connection details.
about 1 year ago, Kathleen Occhino
Cresskill Student-Athletes = Resilience Congratulations to our Seniors! #CougarPride
over 1 year ago, Michael Burke
Volleyball Senior Day