Please be advised that there is currently a phishing scam targeting school athletic teams in northern NJ, including our teams in Cresskill. The scam uses text messages sent to parents and community members that imitate online team fundraisers. Please do not click on any links or texts referring to "NIL" fundraising. This is not a school fundraiser. We do have in place safeguards to ensure that you can know what is a scam and what is a genuine fundraiser as we only approve contributions through our district pay app (PaySchools) or through checks made out directly to our business office for specific teams or activities. If you ever get a different link or request, it is not an approved way to directly donate to our programs. Here is a link to the letter for more information:
2 days ago, Peter Hughes
This is an important announcement from Cresskill Schools about a sports fundraising scam targeting our sports teams. If you get a request to support athletics through NIL club, it does not go to our students or programs. Please note that the only donation programs we allow are through the same pay app as our lunch program. Please share.
3 days ago, Peter Hughes
We are planning two key changes next year to better support our extracurricular programs financially at the middle and high school levels. Please take a moment and read this important notice:
26 days ago, Peter Hughes
Our STEAM Night is going on until 8. Come out and see the amazing robotics, art, and hands-on activities all while supporting our programs.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Our humanities supervisor, Grace Chun, was recently highlighted by News 12 for her work in learning about and promoting Asian American and Pacific Islander history. She is part of a special cohort in the state to ensure visibility and representation of AAIP in our classrooms and schools. In Cresskill, we believe our curriculum should contain "mirrors" where students can see themselves represented and "windows" that allow them to see the experiences of others. We are grateful for the work our entire curriculum department is doing to bring awareness of the diverse world we live in. Here is the article and video:
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Update - Power is restored but the building will remain closed tonight until fully inspected. We expect school to resume in the morning as usual. However, the AC will not be functioning. Students and staff should dress for comfort.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
At 5 PM students will no longer be able to access the building and it will be closed until full power is restored. We anticipate this will be the case and school will resume normally tomorrow. However, students and staff are advised to dress comfortably tomorrow as the AC will not be operational in almost all of the building. Thank you again for your understanding and patience. Additionally, thank you again to our first responders and staff for keeping our students safe!
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
We are now allowing students that are escorted in small groups by fire officials to enter the building and get belongings only if absolutely necessary.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Thank you everyone for your patience. We do have an update on the fire. It was contained in the HVAC chiller on the roof of the high school. There was no additional damage to the roof or school. Our staff will be able to access the building after dismissal but not our students until an electrician is on site. Parents can pick up their children at the rec center.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Students are now being evacuated to the recreation center. We will set up the system for dismissal from there. Students and staff will not be permitted to return to the building until it is fully cleared. All belongings must remain until that time. We appreciate your patience as the situation evolves. Sincere thanks goes out to our emergency services. They have been organized, professional, and timely to ensure our building, students, and staff are safe. They are the best!
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
In about five minutes, we will be evacuating to the recreation center to dismiss from there. Students will not be permitted back to the building until we fully clear it. We ask parents not to go to the rec center until we complete the evacuation.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Cresskill High School had a small fire that is occurring on the roof of the gym. Police and firefighters are on site and all staff and students have been evacuated safely. We will notify you of any updates. Please do not pull into the driveway until we send further notification. You will only block the driveway.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
The board of education approved our budget submission that will now go to the Executive County Superintendent for approval. Thank you to our BA, Ms. Delasandro, the finance committee of the BOE, and the administrative team for their help in ensuring a financially responsible and balanced budget. Here is the presentation for those interested:
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Our annual STEAM Night is coming on May 15th to CHS. ALL families are invited! Save the date for this exciting evening from 6-8 PM. Proceeds go to our robotics team and help to fund great STEAM learning for everyone!
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Our public budget hearing is set for Monday, May 6th at 6 PM in the CHS Student Center. All are welcome to learn about how we fund continuous improvement in Cresskill Public Schools.
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
Did you know that our TV Studio is now completely redone and our first news show is premiering this Friday? Follow here to see all the great work of our students: #buildbackbetter #cougarpride
about 1 month ago, Peter Hughes
studio production
Thank you to the Cresskill DPW for helping to improve our high school driveway. A true show of collaboration and support between the town and schools! We are grateful for their help!
about 2 months ago, Peter Hughes
Cresskill's Townwide Garage Sale is Coming on May 4th. Please see the attached flyer to register and participate. It is a great way to support our local library while also cleaning out your garage!
about 2 months ago, Peter Hughes
Garage Sale
Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Teachers of the Year! We are so thankful for the excellent work they do to support our students! EHB - Patricia Auger MMS - Sheila Serafin CMS - Leslie Janevski CHS - Michelle DeMarco
about 2 months ago, Peter Hughes
Thank you to Filco for a generous donation of $5,000. We plan to put the funds towards the repair and upgrade of the digital sign for the district. While more fundraising is needed, it's a great start for that project. Thank you Filco!
2 months ago, Peter Hughes