Board of Education Goals

District Goals 2019-2020

  • The Cresskill Middle/High School will continue to develop the “Profile of a Cresskill Graduate,” which will define the guiding principles of curriculum, instruction and assessment work moving forward. It will provide a set of agreed-upon outcomes for our graduates, and we will purposefully plan for, teach to, and assess these competencies of a 21st-century education (i.e. - Content Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Character)

  • The Cresskill School District will work with DiCara/Rubino Architects to complete the $12.4 million school referendum. The focus will be on assessment of needs and planning for the upcoming move to and use of the new facilities.

  • The Cresskill schools will establish a consistent culture and practices around teaching mathematics, including assessments to guide instruction. This will include all staff discussions on professional development days and at monthly after school meetings, ongoing professional development throughout the year, and the collection, analysis, and discussion of student achievement data to inform decision-making.

  • Cresskill schools will initiate an audit of technology systems and practices to assess the use of technology by staff and students as both an educational and a productivity tool.

Board Goals 2019-2020

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan to begin utilization of the new building and ensure maximum use of existing facilities.

  • Improve communication and engagement with the public, including reaching residents not currently involved with the schools. The focus will include enhancing the identity of the district, and a re-tooling of our digital media presence and activities.

  • Continue to enhance the board’s understanding of the ongoing administrative and financial operations of the district.